Behind a hidden door

Lies a cultural landmark that defines the cultural life of the city Limassol a story that goes back to decades of times gone by Behind this door, prodigious ideas were honed that were destined to entertain the city of Limassol until today.

With a sense of responsibility and deep cultural commitment for its roots, this space marries the past with the future, where yesterday and today carry a significant importance for the future, with respect to the city’s traditions and the arts.

Passing through the threshold of the hidden door, you experience a unique understanding of the tools and media the artist had used build in a unique modern environment filled with respect.

The journey of knowledge you gain as you step through this door, is one nurturing, love and passion for art that all members of Studio 8 share when teaching the youth of tomorrow.

Studio 8 Scenography

– Since 1948 –



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