What better way for students to learn about recycling that by going on an excursion to GreenPack Cyprus Ltd at Limassol?

The excursion to the GreenPack Cyprus it was a great inspiration and way to explore the importance of recycling. At the beginning of the tour Mr. Andreas Kallis the CEO of GreenPack Cyprus Ltd explained us how work the recycled in Cyprus, and more specific he demonstrates the use of recycled plastics, paper etc.

All the students had the experience to leaning together and understand why correctly disposing of our waste is vital for sustainability and that everyone can do something to make a difference.

The GreenPack Cyprus center provides an environment for students to extend their learning with a series of activities. By the end of the excursion the students had the opportunity to take some recycled materials to create recycled artworks.

Those artworks will be show by the 9th of November by the morning at 9:00a.m until 13:00 to our Recycled exhibition inspired from GreenPack Cyprus to give our message for #savetheplanet.

You are all welcome to enjoy us to our open day at 9th of November to give our message for #savetheplanet by Private Institute Studio8.