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A painting workshop consisting of personalized courses and targeted deepening themes and thus able to appeal to beginners and advanced. Our specialized teachers (all graduates of the School of Fine Arts, with pedagogical competence), are active artists themselves and have the ability to help each participant individually, develop their personal expression abilities, making the most [...]

Archıtecture Programme

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The Programme in Architecture at the Private Institute Studıo8 acknowledges the significant social role and responsibility of architectural practice for the study and development of space, both public and private. In this respect, each student is considered as a distinct personality, freely open to a system of values and abilities, concerning their aesthetic development, [...]

Blood donation in memory of Doctor Antonis Malios

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  The Private Institute Studio8cto is organizing a blood donation in memory of Doctor Antonis Malios on Saturday, December 21, 2019, from 10.00 am until 13.00pm at our premises. Every two seconds, someone needs blood, and one out of three people will need a lifesaving blood transfusion in his or her lifetime. Your participation is [...]

Scenic Design “Ela na dis” Omega Chanel

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Our days they’re full of gold dust, adorned with garlands and gifts wrapped in a festive mood. We put on a festive mood for the television show “Ela na dis”, for the Omega Chanel Christmas and New Year's Eve.  A fairytale space decoration and editing by Studio 8 cto scenic design LTD. Thanks to [...]

Kid’s Fashion Laboratory

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Don't miss this unique experience for your kids !!! The acclaimed "Studio8 school of fashion" fashion school has for years been a pioneering, unique in its kind, clothing lab, operating in Limassol. In every lesson, space is transformed into an atelier that highlights the exciting world of fashion and not only ... Children learn through [...]

Still life classes at Studio8cto

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  Fine art classes are an exciting opportunity to explore in-depth the essential elements of drawing and painting still life. Working from a variety of still-life compositions, and using a range of materials, this course introduces different themes relevant to successful still life painting under professional guidance. Still, life painting as an independent genre has [...]

Kids Photography

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At Private Institute Studio8 we designed photography programs for kids and teens where they can explore, enhance their creative imagination, encourage self – esteem and build communication skills visually, verbally and written words. Enhance your creative imagination, look beyond the obvious and hone your vision for creating optimal imagery. Take your photography to a new [...]

Did you hear about our Urban classes?

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Urban Classes at Private Institute Studio8 are the best and most fun way to further develop your creative – graffiti skills. Our courses develop confident, informed about street art, lettering and safe using of materials. Are a great way to meet like minded people. Our two hour sessions are suitable for all abilities and [...]

Recycle Art Exhibition                                      

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For years, at Private Institute Studio8 we have been exploring new and different mediums for inspirited teaching using different materials. But, inspiration does not have to come from new or expensive materials. Sometimes public art projects can be born from re-purposed materials. Here is our latest successful project in which new talent students from [...]

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