A painting workshop consisting of personalized courses and targeted deepening themes and thus able to appeal to beginners and advanced. Our specialized teachers (all graduates of the School of Fine Arts, with pedagogical competence), are active artists themselves and have the ability to help each participant individually, develop their personal expression abilities, making the most of their technical and material skills.

Starting with the simple design principles we learn all the techniques and materials needed to get from the process to the desired result.

Freehand drawing

• The line as a drawing and as a figure.

• Study in light and shadow.

• Painting of simple geometric shapes.

• We learn to draw more complex themes with simple shapes

MATERIALS: Pencil, charcoal, Chinese ink, lead-carbon.


• Physical drawing • Composition • Dead nature • Urban landscape • Naked • Portrait Busts

MATERIALS: Pencil, charcoal, toner, Chinese ink, watercolor, lead-carbon.


• Introduction to color • Chromatology • Itten’s color circle • I design with color • Color compositions