Studio8 Musical Theatre Workshop


Studio 8 School of Art Design Theatrical Studio covers all children who want to communicate with theatrical art regardless of experience.

Studio 8’s theatrical studio includes play, music, dance, improvisation, singing and theatrical teachings. The participation of a child in the theater workshop is good for many reasons. Children are given the opportunity to become acquainted with themselves and become confident. The children also will discover personal skills, and through sharing and exposure, they will gain confidence that is necessary to take the next steps in student life. In addition, they can acquire knowledge, discipline, work collectively, and socialize. It has been shown through scientific studies that theater contributes to the development of every child’s personality. Through the relationship and interaction, they cultivate the capacity of co-existence, and strengthen their uniqueness. Theater has been shown to contribute decisively to the release of expression both in spoken and in written form. It helps develop the imagination and critical thinking of children and improves their cognitive and creative skills. Skills, trust and self-esteem that can be developed in an active class have value even beyond the scene.

The results of the child’s participation in a theatrical group last forever in his life!! Studio 8 also offers students the opportunity to examine through the LAMDA program. Through this examination, they have the opportunity to develop their skills after they are invited to present faithful characters through action and singing.