For years, at Private Institute Studio8 we have been exploring new and different mediums for inspirited teaching using different materials. But, inspiration does not have to come from new or expensive materials. Sometimes public art projects can be born from re-purposed materials.

Here is our latest successful project in which new talent students from our Institute and their friends used recycled materials to bring new creative life to a space with installations, art exhibition, urban creations, art & crafts workshops. The student was from 4 years old until 18 years old!

We will like to thanks all the students for the amazing artworks for the exhibition. It took a month to our students to create the artworks. It took a month to create the artworks all the students, using recycling materials from the factory Greenpack Cyprus Ltd hosting by CEO Mr. Kallis Andreas . Using materials from the factory us plastic caps, recycled paper, plastics bottles etc.

The recycled art workshops that held for kids us, Art&Crafts Creations using plants, Urban Creations, Graffiti with the message #savetheplanet #recycling, Installations by our foundations students. The parents also were there painting with their kids and planting colorful flowers at the amazing Eco – flowerpots by plastic bottles.

The Foundation DANCING QUEEN was they’re collecting the donations from the colorful flowerpots, and full of hope for the other kids! What amazing and full of colors was the last Saturday.

Congratulations to the winners  at the Art Contest of the Recycling Project. Melaniya Mesroyan and Demetriana Matsangou earned first place, the student Alexandros Lambrianou earned the second place and Larissa Thomaides earned the third place. And congratulations to all students for the participant at the project and the meaning that they give for the recycling using art.

The team of the Private Institute Studio8 would like to thanks all the participant of the event the students and the parents for your support.