Fine art classes are an exciting opportunity to explore in-depth the essential elements of drawing and painting still life. Working from a variety of still-life compositions, and using a range of materials, this course introduces different themes relevant to successful still life painting under professional guidance.

Still, life painting as an independent genre has roots in the art of the ancient world, from mosaics and wall paintings to frescoes. Today it has evolved to include an exciting variety of styles, applications, and approaches, which are central to the work of many leading contemporary artists.

In this series of classes, participants are introduced to the remarkable genre and techniques of the still life.

The workshops provide an opportunity to learn both from the works of past masters and expert-led, hands-on tuition to explore both classical and more recent methods, tools and techniques for the creation of evocative still life artworks.

Our classes offer the opportunity to explore a range of subjects, led by expert tutors and practicing artists.

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